Thursday, January 22, 2009

Letter to the Editor... draft in progress

There are so many nuances to fashion choice today. Where were the clothes assembled? Does the company pay fair wages? Are their advertising campaigns favoring one race over another? Are they sweatshop free? Who owns the company? What organizations do they endorse? The larger the design house the more questions arise. And when the label reaches a corporate level, the questions take on added moral undertones. The styles themselves can become obliterated by speculation.

The Obamas’ choice of J Crew stands to be viewed in any number of ways but will no doubt be analyzed. Sartorial preference has long been a common interest in America, culminating in high profile celebrity events. The presidential inauguration is not immune to such design observation, as evidenced by the crashing of J Crew’s Website. 


  1. This makes me want to read more. I am interested in seeing where your argument goes.

  2. Personally I feel that exploring the conditions and wages of clothing manufacturers is more important than how Obama looks. I couldn't care less if he wears a designer or sneakers to the inaguration, instead I hope he pays attention to the fairness and equality of the corporations he patronizes.

  3. I observe that you hint at the fact that deliberate choices made by the first family address the loci essence of the individual and their social and moral stance.